Whether you require a customer-facing or business-facing e-commerce solution, each of them has their own particular requirements, and whichever one is most befitting for your own firm, you are sure to want a high quality of content, combined with easy but robust functionality.

We have a great amount of experience and a strong track record when it comes to B2B solutions. The designs that we create incorporate all manner of popular payment integration gateways and custom shopping carts, and include inventory management solutions, online product catalogs and knowledge management systems.

SQUADM offers an array of B2B Solutions designed to help you foster customer loyalty while driving sales performance, building brand favourability and expanding your market horizons.

SQUADM helps you acquire, grow, develop and maintain your customer relationships through:

  • Delivering a steady stream of qualified sales leads and/or appointments.
  • Growing your business by delivering phone-based product and solution sales.
  • . Increasing your share of customer spending through cross-selling and up-selling of products and services

SQUADM’s B2B Solutions offer your business significant advantages over standard Tele-services approaches. Through defined targeting, rigorous performance monitoring and meticulous project management, we empower you to expand your possibilities and achieve the growth and profitability you desire. Our distinctive competencies

  • Targeted, Needs-Based Selling Approach
  • Rigorous Performance Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • Enhance brand awareness